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Hot air balloons can be used in movies, TV shows, video ads shooting, and more. We can also arrange aerobatic, parachute jumping, and paragliding shows upon special requests. We highly recommend that you watch videos where they are provided for better understanding of the projects.

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For all companies, especially those in creativity business
Provided above (photo clickable) is one of the projects done for Telco company. We are open to any ideas where balloons or other aviation equipment can be involved in shooting of commercials. With huge partner network, we can provide many aspects of implementation of similar ideas. Just let us know yours!

Aerobatic shows

For government and big event organisers
Our partner for aerobatic shows is world-known team "Air Bandits", led by legendary aerobatics pilot Jurgis Kairys. Extremely impressive show, and never done in Vietnam before! Will you be the first to host a show, which with no doubts will be featured in all mass media channels?
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For movie production companies 
Our first movie project in Vietnam. In video below you can spot our balloon on 1:48s. In actual movie, there were more scenes with balloons. The shooting took place in Mui Ne with 3 balloons involved. It was a fun few weeks, and we are really open to participate in movies again, as we enjoy working with creative people.

Parachute shows

For medium to big sized companies, provinces
Can and should be combined with aerobatic show. Free diving formations in the air, parachute formations, individual tricks - it's an amazing view. Even 4 - 8 parachuters are already impressive, but the more, the better. Don't take our word for that - let's do it in Vietnam!
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Reality shows

Looking for potential partners and sponsors
We are working on Reality TV Show "Racing the Dragon" - a mix of travel, adventure, and racing genres. Balloons will cross Vietnam from North to South, stopping in provinces. We expect to air on biggest Vietnam TV channels, as well as some international ones. Direct sponsorships as well as product placements are much welcome!

Paraglider shows

For medium to big size events
Paragliders do not necessarily need an airplane or helicopter to lift them up. Therefore it is easier to organise a show like that. We can use hot air balloons or even pulling cars or jet skis to get paragliders up in the air. Formations, acrobatic tricks, smoke trails in the sky will surely impress.
Aerobatic shows
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