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Community in a Communist Country? Sure!

Updated: Feb 5, 2018

We are not obsessed with fame. We are obsessed with making tourist travel in Vietnam the most pleasant experience. We, expats living here, have found our love for and our ways to live in this country. Many of us were tourists here once, and we are glad to share our experience.

Yet sometimes a fresh look from a first - time visitor is more accurate. More piercing. Refreshing for expats and more useful for tourists or those about to visit.

We have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TripAdvisor, and multiple blogs, where travellers share their experience. To be honest, there is nothing unique about this online space. Unless the stories you will share will make it the most interesting place to visit for a good read.

And thus we ask you and encourage you. When inspired, share with us a good story from your travels in Vietnam. When uninspired and angry - also let others know. We have a decent number of visitors each day, and your stories could change their lives. At least while they are in Vietnam.

So many tourists march this country like soldiers commanded by tour agencies instead of generals. Help us to build a community of better travellers. More understanding, more knowledgeable. One thing we are sure about: the stories you share could make a change for good.

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