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There is nothing better than a trusted partner. We cordially invite companies from following areas for long term cooperation 

Event Companies

Let's cooperate on corporate, brand promotion events, and festivals. Let's organise them together. Our core competence is all about entertainment in the air. Here is what we can offer:
For truly big events, besides balloons we can also offer aeroshows with airplanes, parachutes, and other elements:
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Marketing companies

Let's cooperate on marketing campaigns. Hot air balloon is an excellent tool. Besides being a flying billboard, it also generates lots of organic social media shares and likes via brand promotions:
Balloons can also be used for TV ad campaigns, or other creative projects, which can easily go viral on social media:
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Tourism companies

Let's cooperate on free balloon flights and small special events. Suitable for groups of 6-14 people, those can be special flights with balloon baskets being decorated for birthday, wedding, etc.:
For bigger groups we can offer team building activities with tethered balloons:
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Venue owners

Hotels, golf clubs, owners of any spaces where people gather, can benefit by putting tethered hot air balloon in their place on temporary or even permanent basis to attract more customers:
Theme parks, residence or tourism complexes will benefit from helium balloons. Servicing 1,000 people/day, they earn money:
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