balloon over white sand dunes, Muine
amazing sky, white sand dunes, Muine
balloon over white sand dunes, Muine
white sand dunes, Mui Ne, Vietnam
phan thiet bay from balloon
Phan Thiet harbour from balloon
sunrise, white sand dunes, Mui Ne
white sand dunes from balloon, Muine
sunrise, white sand dunes, Mui Ne
sand dunes, lotus lake, balloon
white sand dunes, lake
Things to do in Mui Ne



One of the most scenic countries in the world has much to offer for lovers of amazing landscapes.  Untouched rural life, jungle, mighty rivers, mountain ranges, and sea coast - all in one country. It is no surprise that Hollywood producers choose Vietnam as movie shooting destination. 


It's hard to describe the feeling of flying the balloon. Since we go together with the wind, for passengers it feels like we are standing still in the air, and the earth just passes by beneath us. Surprisingly, even people who are generally afraid of height, feel no fair when flying in balloon. Just imagine this surreal feeling combined with beautiful scenery of Vietnam. A must - do at least once in your life!


VIETNAM BALLOONS is operated by joint venture of European and Vietnamese shareholders. Our pilots, core staff, and competences come from European company Hot Airlines, which operates since 2001. We are proud to be the first to offer hot air balloon flights for passengers in Vietnam.

7th Floor, 104 Mai Thi Luu, D1,

Ho CHi MInh City, Vietnam

Phone: +84708536828

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