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We applied aviation standards to entertainment industry. This is how our services were born.

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Events. Small to huge

For groups, companies and government
Planning an event? Balloon will look great both day and night and provide many activities. We can take care of either just balloons, or whole event organisation service from idea to after-event follow-up. 



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Helium balloons

For cities, theme parks, large property owners
Helium balloons are tied to the ground by steel cable and operate in one fixed location going up and down. Can be branded and illuminated at night. Flying at 120 meter high, they are visible for many kilometers around



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Brand promotion

For companies wanting to stand above competitors
Standing 20-30 meters high, and rising up another 30 meters, balloon can become an impressive banner with your  logo. Drawing crowds on spot, balloon also generates massive photo sharing on social media. 




Special projects

For big event and marketing agencies, government
Special projects are big, or unique, or both. We fully dedicate our resources to special clients. Want aerobatic show? Ad campaign? TV show? Movie? Something else? Find out how we can help you.



Banner Balloon alpha 1000x1600 blue back

Branded balloons

For medium to big sized companies, provinces
Pay once, have your banner flying high for 5-7 years! Many major companies, such as Coca Cola, BMW, hotel chains, etc., have branded balloons operated by professional companies. Best visibility and reach for money.




Balloon rides

For personal clients, couples, groups
The most amazing way to see beautiful landscape of Vietnam and make incredible selfies. Around one hour in the air flying with the wind will be amazing. Even those afraid of heights really love it!



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